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About us


In 2010, the brothers Markus and Matthias Sattler founded the family-run holding that was renamed to dreibrüder in 2015. dreibrüder develops ideas as well as companies, realises projects and shapes business models. Today, the holding is founder and shareholder of successful companies in the tech and real estate sector in Germany and worldwide.


SIX PRO was the first subsidiary founded in 2010 from Markus Sattler's hobby, photography. SIX PRO builds high-quality camera systems and was successfully sold in 2016. Other tech and real estate companies followed. dreibrüder is now a supporter of the Witten Institute for Family Business and a member of the Family Business Foundation.



When excellent ideas take shape in projects, as many people as possible should benefit from them. With this conviction, the dreibrüder Holding supports inspiring visions worldwide. With Storage24 we have successfully established the first company on an international level.


Good cooperation and collaboration is based on trust and support - as founders we know how important it is to exchange at eye level and to work in partnership. This is a fundamental value in all our actions, in our exchange as a team, as management, founders and as shareholders.

Founder mindset

We live a founder's mindset in everyday life, in processes and in our interaction with each other. The entire dreibrüder team thinks entrepreneurially and always communicates at eye level - from founder to founder, from decision-maker to decision-maker.


Promoting visions and visionaries

We implement our own ideas and scale our portfolio companies worldwide. With the same energy, we support you as a founder and entrepreneur, in building and expanding your company. Together, we develop your ideas further and refine your business model.

History - Our success story


Storage24 is the European
market leader. Foundation of IVY.


The year of international scaling.

By 2016, dreibrüder successfully established its XXL storage products in Germany and expanded internationally. Storage24 parks opened in France, Norway, Denmark and Austria. A second office was opened near Nancy and made the dreibrüder team international.

Storage24 is the European market leader in the XXL storage market and plans to expand into other markets. 

In 2021, another company was founded: IVY develops digital solutions for the real estate industry. And the holding company has many more ideas for expanding its portfolio.

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Entry into the XXL Storage market with Storage24 and Factory24.

XXL Storage is a flexible and easy accessible storage solution for private individuals as well as commercial customers. The concept and value to the customer immediately excited Matthias Sattler, when he first heard of it. Thus, dreibrüder founded Storage24 in 2015 and subsequently Storage24 parks with flexible XXL storage units and garages were quickly created in Germany.

dreibrüder developed the concept further as customers inquired for offices next to flexible storage space. This was the beginning of Factory24, which combines storage spaces with office areas and flexible renting terms. Craftsmen and online retailers book the small commercial units just as Hannover 96's laundry service does.


Expansion into the real estate industry.

Markus and Matthias were always interested in the real estate industry and added it to dreibrüder’s portfolio in 2013. The holding bought its first properties and founded ALEXA and KLARA as subsidiaries. ALEXA manages, buys and sells real estate. It also takes care of maintenance and leasing. KLARA offers construction services and project management from conception to realisation of products.

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The roots of dreibrüder.

As an enthusiastic hobby photographer, Markus Sattler closely followed new trends in the photography industry. When videos and filming became a new feature of SLR cameras, the Sattler brothers seized the opportunity to found their first company. SIX PRO was the first subsidiary of the new holding company, which was named dreibrüder in 2015. Since 2010, SIX PRO has been developing and producing high-quality camera mounting systems as video accessories in Germany. In 2013, the brothers sold 49% of the shares to a market companion, then the entire company in 2015.

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